Three Technologies That Transformed The World

Our lifestyle is revoling around the Technology. There are several kinds of technologies that are making our life pleasant and easy! Let us tell you about three such kinds!

Fiber Optic          

Fiber Optic technology is not a new one. In fact, it has Gram Bell who used optics for sending and receiving voice signals. Since then, the fiber optic cables are being used for several purposes. However, its current use for the transportation of massive amount of data is something that has made it an element of revolution. Even though we have the satellites available as well for interconnecting remote areas. But, the speed, reliability and cost factor by considering and preferring fiber optics is making it a more feasible and sensible option. Today, all continents and subcontinents of the world are interconnected using submerged fiber optics. You can quickly find out maps where you will see different cables are joint together for making the backbone of the internet.

Cell Phone Technology

I don’t think there is a need to tell you how crucial is the role which mobile phones are playing. In fact, today`s mobile are smart enough and playing a decisive factor in the context of global and international business. Internet was a different technology and no one ever thought about the possibility of reaping incredible benefits by combining the cell phone and the internet technology together. Today, cell phones are coming with a built-in provision for keeping a live connection with the world. Socialization and life sharing have become a matter of few taps. You can transfer the unlimited amount of data with the help of your cell phones while relaxing on your couch.

IC (Integrated Circuit) Technology

Well, this one is a bit difficult to understand however we will not go deep into the details. In short, you can understand it something that works like a brain. The personal computing industry got revived after the inception of IC`s. A single micro processing chip comes with hundreds of thousands of integrated circuits printed on its face. These circuits work in a tandem arrangement for processing of electrical signals. Today, nearly everything from computer to the television and smartphones is largely based on these circuits. In fact, it is that invention which changed the way we used to live our lives. Initial computers like Mark-I and Mark-II were built by using vacuum tube technology. By integrating IC`s, those monster computing machines got transformed into slim and smart personal computing machines. Today, each and every compact device that we are using is actually a manifestation of this single technology.

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