Amazing Gadgets: VR Headphone

Many are highly enthusiastic about VR Heads. You may wonder what is so special about it. A VR Headset can take you out of reality for a particular time. Suppose, you are playing a game, you can feel like you are present there. Previously, it was like you were controlling a character by using the buttons on your game consoles. There is no pain of staring at the monitor screen; you just have to look in a different direction to see the other sides.  People have always dreamt of being a character of the game, and this is their big opportunity.

Samsung`s Gear VR is Trending High
Those who are using Samsung Galaxy S5 phones can buy Samsung Gear VR. It costs around dollars. You can only install the software and start using the VR Headset. VR headset is a great invention as it have something for everyone. I have always wanted to feel like what it feels like underwater. MY VR Headset gave me the opportunity to experience that. I could feel I am underwater. There was tranquility, and the scenery underwater was beautiful. I could concentrate on my breathing, and I was getting close to nature. I could do all these without spending lots of money actually to go underwater. I have always wanted to be a mermaid since I was a child. I never felt what it is like to be one till that day. I also have zero risks because I am at home.

Feel & Experience whatever you like to Watch
You may think why I would spend so much money on a VR Headset. You should know that it is worth every penny. In the beginning, I could not wear it more than ten minutes. I have a smart TV with a huge screen. I watched the same thing on my TV earlier, but I felt like the VR headset had a bigger screen. I felt I was taken somewhere else. I got a break from this harsh world. If you are worried about money, you can avoid downloading the expensive apps. There are free apps, and some will already be installed on the VR Headset. Later on, I watched movies. It has given me the ability to see anything and feel like I am there. I could imagine myself riding a rollercoaster, and I had zero trouble using it. People complain about the heating issue of the VR Headset. You may have to give it time to rest to cool down. It may get dusty; clean it as often as possible.

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