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Immersive learning is an English school that was founded and established in 2005 and has their headquarters in London, UK and provide their services in Online English Training over the globe with the help of their 80 employees. It is the first school in the world which teaches online in a virtual environment where students and teachers participate using avatars to help them navigate the environment to take part in the lesson. It contradicts the classroom system.

It was founded in 2005 by David Kaskel and Shiv Rajendran as Languagelab.com in London. To date it has over 80 Employees based in over 14 different countries and teaches about 1000 students. It raised over 1million USD in funding from investors from UK and Middle East in 2011.it also teaches English to students over 70 countires.In 2011 it came into partnership with Pearson Education and in 2014 it relaunched itself as Immersive learning designed for higher education programmes.

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Immersive learning is based on the idea that the lessons should be taught contextually and should be used in virtual environments to recreate the scenarios where the interactions would actually take place in the real world. It has been found out by the experts that teaching in Virtual Environment is more effective and beneficial for the learners than teaching in traditional class room programmes. The students learn at their own pace and their own convenient time thus taking responsibility for their own learning. The Students are able to contact their virtual teachers to clear their doubt without face to face visit which saves a bit of time. The identity of teacher remains anonymous thus different teachers can teach during the course. Here new words are introduced as an abstract idea to the students in the virtual environment for their better understanding and moreover the teaching is done in real time by the real teachers. This program employs teachers and actors who appear as an avatar to help and guide the students to face the scenarios they make face in real life and also the students can gain communication skills by getting together as a team and facing problems like oil rig explosion and its resulting catastrophe. In this way Language lab/immersive learning provide the programme to meet each student needs.

English City is a very important virtual city which was created to mimic the learning process that video game player undergoes while playing a game. It contains an airport,cafes,hotels,galleries etc so that a player can learn in a very diverse world to practice English in both classes and their own time and receive instant feedback for their actions throughout the game. The city even has fair population of English actors which help the students to practice their English. All of these qualities allows a player to learn more quickly than a topic given in a class to read . Students who visit this virtual city can also chat with passerby as they explore the city and even meet the avatars of their teachers and orders snacks from Pebbles, a character played by a teacher.

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